■Q&A(゜∀゜) 1-13 (from his blog)

●Q1. Please tell me what brand are the colored contacts you use.
A. I bought a collection of different types so I don't know which I'm using at the moment f^_^; I'm sorry!
But if you which, you can tell you when I know it!

●Q2. I'll soon attend the entrance ceremony for school. How do you think is the best way of getting in communicat with others?
A. That is difficult. Because I'm also pretty shy (゜∀゜;)
The impression will change considerably if you just immediately smile. Maybe it would be the best to get in contact by a gorgeous smile!

●Q3. Is it possible to buy the bandscore in Hokkaido?
A. Well, because I'm no book-seller I don't know either (laugh)
I don't know whether usual bookstores it, but the possibility is high to find it in the book corner of a music shop. Otherwise please ask a mail order company (>_<)

●Q4. About how much did your first guitar cost?
A. Surprisingly it was no electric guitar, but an electric acoustic guitar of YAMAHA for about 60.000 yen (>_<)

●Q5. What is the first effort of playing guitar?
A. Because there are always need effort to go on playing guitar and overcome barrier, the reason is to perform and it's neverending. [?didn't really get it, sorry]
I think the most important thing is overcome the barrier and enjoy it (>_<) But it's not like you can completely master tp play guitar in one day.

●Q6. How old were you when you first played the guitar?
A. I was maybe 15. That's not that early. Until then my dream was drawing and designing. Even if I loose with my guitar, I still have the art (laugh)

●Q7. Do you have a portable music player?
A. This is a maniac question (laugh)
The answer is NO. So I practice playing music without listening to music. Or better I'm humming songs while walking (laugh) Well, I wish for an iPod or something.

●Q8. Will there also be a score book for "NOBLE" and "Lyrical Sympathy"?
A. It is not decided, yet. I don't know what will be in the future. To get to know how to play the songs, definitely come to our lives (laugh)

●Q9.TERU-san, I saw at a live your skin is beautiful smooth and I was quite jealous on you. What are you are using for skin care?
A. I've nothing to say here... I think it's my nature skin structure (laugh)

●Q10.TERU-san, do you use perfume?
A. I use perfume(>_<)/ actually I like sweet smelling ones☆ I loves Tresor in the past, but now I'm searching for a new one.

●Q11. On photos and so on beige?? Do your nails nearly have skin color?
A. Recently I have silver nails to match them with my hair color. I guess, that you saw it like that is probably because of the light itself in the picture, not the shade of color.

●Q12.TERU-kun, did anyone ever told you, you are alike a Smiley (yellow smiling mark character)?
A. With a Smily it's the first time for me, but someone said I'm like O-jirō of Obake no Q-tarō (laught) bakeratta [keyword of Obake no Q-tarō]☆

●Q13. I can't decide for "to do" or "not to do", it "to do" the better choice? If I don't go [it] I might regret it later, or not?
A. It seems to be important though you can not say it, but if you want to choose for doing it not, don't regret it later. However, I think a "resolution"is necessary!

●Q14.TERU-san, in what club have you been in high school?
A. I hate sport, but there was no club for easy music so it was the 'go home club' (laugh) Because I hated school I just went home as quick as possible (゜∀゜)

●Q15. Today was my high school entrance ceremony. What can I do to make friends? I would be glad about any advice!
A. I answered to something similar before. Did you read it?
Maybe to make friends, it's not necessary to do self-encouragement. I think, friends or congenials you can find by nature!
this and outgrow yourself not trying to try to show yourself well. Wouldn't it be good just in the natural style. And a wonderful smile☆

●Q16. Recently I like metal as well. Is there anything you could recommend(*´ω`*)
A. This would be a long list, so I'll tell you later!

●Q17.Please tell me the Versailles fanmail address
A.The destination here ↓ ↓
I'll be waiting☆

●Q18. I want to give you a present but I don't know where to send it to.
Or is it impossible if I'm not in the fanclub? And what would be good?

A. Of cause it's ok even if you're not in the fanclub (>_<) For address please see above ☆ I'm always enthused how creative you all are with the choice of the presents☆ Please make a suitable note whith it (laugh)Basically, I… love metal☆(´艸')

●Q19. The profile photo after the first (→cklick once) is you, Teru-sama, right?? It's quiet unusual (゜O゜;)
A. That's me in the time I was support at HIZAKI grace project (>_<) In the past, during my Aikaryu time I wore miniskirts hopping up and down while playing a quick sweep (laugh) I feld like I was more special than HIZAKI-san...

●Q20.TERU-san, what is your mobile phone tone[?]?
A. Default setting (laugh)

●Q21. Is it a problem to use a 4-sting bass for the released Versailles bandscore songs?

A. I think it's no problem to transcribe it into 4-string tablature.

●Q22.When you started playing guitar, how much did you practice every day?

A. On days off about 10 hours.

●Q23. What did you make want to play guitar?

A. I saw a friend playing "Tears in Heaven" by Eric Clapton and I thought I want to play it by myself.

●Q24.Please give me tips on sweeppicking.

A. Maybe the right hand continuous palm mute.

●Q25. How could I play a sweep phrase without a pick? It's said I need to play all sounds by hammer-on, is that right? In any case I want to ask magazines or something for technique explanation.

A. At first, you don't use the right hand but, ... please come to the live to see it.☆

●Q26.I suddenly thought Teru-san, do you know there are only 30 guitarsof the Signature model of a super famous guitarist, commander(^o^)ゝ
A. Since when I am a commander? (laugh)
Frankly! I don't know(゜∀゜)
But I'll accept any information on metal or guitar!!

●Q27.It's a question about hair color. If it's okay, please tell me what I should order at the hairdresser. By the way, I'm a girl in my 20s. TERU-san, are you actually searching for such a girl?
A. "The hair must not stay black, go on brightening it, I want you to strengthen the purple", or something like that. Use the bleach acording to the condition of your hair, and because coloring may bring big differences with it, please consult the hairdresser! And, I'm not searching at all, but I like grily girls (>_<)/

●Q28.Who of Versailles does smell the best (perfume)?
A. I can not answer this, because perfume has subjective preferences. (>_<)

●Q29."Please wait a moment~" Was it you or Konichiwa-Negishi-san who started saying it?
A. Well… I started to say that about 3 years ago. I didn't know it but gave it to Konichiwa Negishi-san (laugh) Because I usually don't watch TV it was funny to here it for the first time (>_<)

●Q30. When artists or musicians look at the art the created in the past they are very embarrassed about it. How about you? Are you embarrassed looking at your old pictures??
A. My level back then is (laugh) a good memory (>_<)

●Q31.TERU-sama, is there a painter or artist you admire?
A. There are a lot. So it's difficult to name them all, but those I have art books of are Norman Rockwell, HR Giger and more. Maybe I will write somewhen more about that (>_<)

●Q32. It's my first Versailles oneman. I'm not a fan for so long time yet and I have just a few goods and albums, I also didn't have a rose-light. All in all I have JUBILEE and NOBLE but I don't know all songs... Is it okay to attent the live like that?
A. Of course, it's all right. We are looking forward to see you for the first time!! By the way, get a rose-light at the live☆

●Q33.Teru-kun, are you Gt-1 in the band score ?
A. Yes, basically that's right☆ Work hard to play it!

●Q34.It's a question to TERU-san with super-natural techniques: are you good at tongue twisters? (laugh)
A. I just tried it right now, but it absolutely doesn't work (゜∀゜;)

●Q35.What was it like when you were on stage for the first time? Have the indies time been very hard ?
A. At my first live I wasn't that nervous; During the indies time it also didn't change much. Like in the past my motto is still today: Don't regret your 'earth-smelling' effort (>_<)>

●Q36.TERU-kun, you did start to play guitar at the age of 15, right, how did you become that well? About when did you get to know this technique?
A. I'm still developing it, but to answer your question it's the result of my practices. At the beginning I was not able to press down the F chord. It was a long way [to learn how to play guitar], but because I was determined I practiced respectably without any excuse. I think that everthing is like that. It was a long and burdensome way, but wasn't it worthwhile.(>_<) All the time, because I made advances every day from the time I started to play guitar until now.

●Q37.TERU-san, what's the fastest picking speed in BPM you can play?
A. Because I don't want to overcome my own hurdle, I can't answer this (゜∀゜;) At just playing quick I was best during my teenager years (laugh)

●Q38. When I look at you TERU-san, I want to become a great Visual kei gitarist. But, as I'm a beginner, I don't know where to start my practice.
I want to play so extremly quick as you, TERU-san, but how do practice this at best?
And, the highschool I attent (I entered it this year) the standard deviation is actually quite high, so I have not that much time for practicing.
Will there be any effect by practicing just a short time?

A. What's generally good to start practicing is, even if you wish to play fast, don't hast and learn a solid basis, if you are a good beginner. To challenge a high level [until you can play it] is a strange way to get used to it. To get better you will need time and effort and this would be detouring, so I think to stick to your own level is the shortest way, I think.
I should constrain my guitar discussion like "to succeed in a short time". But what I can say is "You should play guitar every day."In you freetime between your work or studying you can easily become a super guitarist,because everyone can do it!
The solution is just to practice every day, that's the strict discipline. Moreover, according to my experience, it's good to watch some playing at close range. When you improved your playing, you can steal some technique you can receive some spur. As there are quite a lot of music shop seller or people who can play guitar, it might also help to play in front of new eyes.
When you always have a goal to follow, you will not become tired!

●Q39.TERU-san, what are you using for composing songs? And do you later consult the other members?

A. Mainly I use my guitar and Pro Tools. Because we are one band, of course I consult the others~(´∀`)

●Q40. Do you do anything every day to protect your beauty?

A. At first, I don't think I'm beautiful... The was a question about skin somewhen before, there is nothing special I do (laugh)

●Q41.TERU-san, when your fringe is covering your eyes, which eye is covered more often?
A. Mostly it's the right eye (>_<) ●Q42.TERU-san, what type of girls du you like? And please tell me a singer you like\(^ー^)/
A. I gave answer to it in the 100 questions of the pamphlet, so it's difficult to answer this here, but I have a nose-fetish... (laugh)
Singers I like are Rob Rock and the shrill death-voice of Dani Filth☆

●Q43.Concerning the clothes of the live on 30th… I have no time on weeksdays so I have to go to the livehouse right after school wearing my school uniform… would it be OK to attend the live in school uniform?
A. As long as you don't bother others it's okay, so of cause school uniform is ok as well
Just it will get quite late until the live ends and it's quite dangerous for students to walk around that late, so please be careful on your way home. [Stay at the] live until you return home☆(laugh)

●Q44. It there any problem when an old african man was in your neighborhood? [this was a little confusing]
A.Regardless of whether old or young, male or female, or with nationality, please come all to our lives!!

●Q45.TERU-san, what kind of foundation do you use? And what type of foundation do you always use?
Can I buy the Versailles photographs in a V-kei shop (like Guruguru for example)?

A. It's always the one from the visagist, so I don't know exactly, but probably it's white with a little bit of pink, I think..
As far as I know, you can get the photographs at our lives! If you want to ask for other shops, please contact contact@delacroix-tokyo.com

●Q46.TERU-kun, you said about what type of girls you like, that you have a nose-fetish. What kind of noses do you like?
A.Yes…that's difficult to express, but I like cute noses(>_<) By the way it's not only the nose!(laugh)

●Q47. Do you have any kind of health management?
A. To be honest, I don't have... f^_^;) But first of all: to sleep a lot.

●Q48.TERU-kun, you grew up in Kyoto, but don't you speak Kansai dialect? I'd like to hear you speeking Kansai dialect (´ω`)
A. There's a lot of keigo you use to speak with ealder people, and I have the habit to speak Kansai Dialect in front of good friends (>_<) But to read out texts, I speak more intensively Kansai dialect. (laugh) I'll use it to speak in front of you☆

●Q49. Are you S? Or M?
A. That depends on you(laugh)

●Q50. Should I buy the live ticket at the convenience store...? Also, if there is not such a convenience store and I can not buy it, or is there something like that!?
A.I'm sorry!! I don't understand the meaning of your question, so you should correct the wrong kanji. About buying tickets, please contact the office to ask! →contact@delacroix-tokyo.com

●Q51. Can I join the fanclub just from PC? As I have no PC but want to join, is there another possibility?

A.VERSAILLES WORLD FAN CLUB【-DESCENDANT OF THE ROSE-】can just be used from the PC. But don't worry, there is also the mobile FAN CLUB【NOBLE】.
As the ticket pre-sale is possible from both sides at the moment, please check it ♪
The link for the mobile FAN CLUB is here→【NOBLE】

●Q52. The rock-T(
metal shirt)which was sold during the world tour, can't be bought in Japan, right? Are there like metal shirts some on sale with the tour places printed the back?
A. There are shirts which are used on the world tour and goods produced. But I think it might be difficult to get them in Japan.(゜∀゜;)

●Q53.Do you plan to visit the Expo which is taking place in Shanghai? And how about letting know the people of Shanghai about a band called Versailles?

A. This is more a suggestion than a Question (laugh)Thank you(>_<)We don't plan to go to see the Expo. I'd reaaly like to go to Asia and this wouldn't be confined just to the Expo. In the future we might hav activities in Asia, too.
●Q54.There is a score book for "JUBILEE". Will there also be one for "Lyrical Sympathy" and "Noble"??

A. I answered this before in my blog in "■Q&A(゜∀゜) #1"Eneryone please read the questions so there won't be surprisingly a duplicate ☆
But to say it again there are no plans yet to release a band score of 「Lyrical Sympathy」 and 「Noble」(>_<)

●Q55. I bought the band score of JUBLEE and played「愛と哀しみのノクターン」(Ai to Kanashimi no Nocturne)…
But the rhythm change of GodPalace is very hard! How could I train my sense for rhythm?

A.I think it's good to be conscious of the back of the rhythm. About the rhythm change, maybe it's good to let your body learn to remember it. (>_<)

●Q56. During a live, which of JUBILEE do you like to play or recommend?
A. I think a complete copy of GodPalace would be great!

●Q57. You often use a particularly bass chord riff like no other band does, which band's influence is it(´ω`
A. As there are just a few band withall songs with the tuning string 1~5 a semitone down+just string 6 one and a half tone down, there is no special one [which influenced me]Usually the drop D tuning is usefull in the playform to press down the powercord of string 5 and 6, but as Versailles often adds a tension sound, it often becomes rather a very difficult form. (´∀`;) [if there's someone with more knowledge about guitarplaying who wants to correct me, feel free to contact me]

●Q58.TERU-san, you use the effector of Sobbat very often, but which is your favorite?

A. At the moment it's Sobbat, the DB-1 which was customized to my own use. The fading away tone and the setting give good feelings☆(´∀`)

●Q59.Recently, I want to buy a new amp, but I'm worried about what I should buy. I've seen in your blog and bandscore before the "HUGHES&KETTNER" and got interested in it. Is there an amp you could recommend? Recently, I want to buy a new amp, but I'm worried about what I should buy. I've seen in your blog and bandscore before the "HUGHES&KETTNER" and got interested in it. Is there an amp you could recommend?
A. As the HUGHES&KETTNER I use has 6 channels it can create various sounds. Distortion channel comparatively has the meaning donshari*, so put presence and treble at a shortened mid to a peak and try to create a sound like that
But as in modern TriAmps this is abolished, I'm not sure whether it's available now. Anyway I would recommend a vacuum tube amplify. As this will be an expensive product, please try it at the music store before you decide. [If anyone can understand this better, feel free to contact me]
*The word "DONSHARI" comes from Japanese slang. Its a combination of two words; "Don", meaning a low kind of sound, and "shari" meaning a high sound as this pedal selectively boosts only low and high frequencies.

●Q60.TERU-san, you hide one eye, but does the hidden eye have the same proper make-up?

A. I have a symmetrical make-up (>_<) I wonder whether it can seems what it looks like (゜∀゜;)
●Q61.TERU-san, your hair is always silver, if you would recolor it with another color, what would you choose?

A. Maybe pink~(>_<)

●Q62.TERU-san, how do you think about cosplayers?
Do you think about yourself you are an adult? And when do you think so?

A. The question is about cosplayers of Versailles, right? Of couse I'm glad and like it☆ I'm interested in cosplay myself. I also want to try to cosplay something (´∀`)
I almost never think I'm an adult(laugh)

●Q63. I'm in 2nd year in highschool, but my parents don't allow me to spend a lot of money for lives or stay out until late at night, so I can't go (>_<) How can I convince them?(・
ω・;) And Fukushima is quite far away from Sendai.(;ω;) Would you come to Fukushima too?
A. That's difficult! At first, how about recommending us to your parents to make them like us, too? Thank you from us, fi your parents like us as well!! m(__)m
I want to go all over the country, so we might come to Fukushima, too. At that time, bring 100 friends with you ♪(laugh)

●Q64.During the concert, there's a place where everyone's furi matches. Who had the idea for the furi?
It really fits well, so it's a pleasure to watch it.

A. Does "everone" point to the members of Versailles or the fans...?
First of all, the live performances and furi are ideas of all members. Well, it rather does not came up while discussing, but it's often naturally created during a rehearsal or live.
Well, it rather does not came up while discussing, but it's often naturally created during a rehearsal or live.
About the fans furi, I don't recognize, who knows the furi, but it's a great feeling to see from the stage, that everone doing the same!
Here one from Teru-kichi. Are the people in the front seen by the people in the back? As the people in the front can be seen by the people on the back, they can impart it as an example to the people in the back.☆ I'm also giving my very best and every support from the people in front of me is welcome! When people join at the live the all might have their own way to do it, it's impossible that all would have exactly the same motion and rhythm. I just want to work it out [together with you] at the same place with you. Like being at the same place, working out the same, surrounded by the same sound, I want a lot of things to "sympathize" with you!

●Q65.You costumes and accessory is very individual. Who did the design?
Moreover, can I but the accessory or corsage somewhere? I'm collecting accessory so I want to have one item with roses, crosses or butterflies. If it's ok please tell me(^◇^)

A. It's published at many places that the costumes are designed by very member himself.
You can order the accessory and corsage at various places. But since the costumes are sewed [for us] it might be difficult to get the same items.

●Q66. You answered in your profile about 'what are you recently addictive to?' it's “detective drama「Aibou」”. Actually I also love Aibou. Which character of Aibou do you like the most, Teru-san?
A. Of couse I like Ukiyou-san and I like Kame-chan as well☆ And I like Miura Keiji. And I like Yonezawa-san and department chief Kakuta [I'm not 100% sure about the reading] and detective Itami. I like all those very much (laugh)

●Q67.Birthday present. I bought something for you before but unfortunately I forgot to send it to you(☆Д☆;)!!!!
Would it bother you to if I'd send it that late (´;ω;`
A. It wouldn't bother me so don't worry! It's almost better to receive it in the middle of the year! (laugh)(*´艸')
About gifts I wrote in a previous Q&A article. Refer to it.(>_<)

●Q68.TERU-kun has silver hair now, right? Will you make them blond again like before? Please do so.
A. This is more a wish than a question. (゜∀゜) Right now I'm not thinking about have another color than silver for my hair. I have my silvery hair just for a short time yet, but I plan to have silvery hair for a long period! (>_<)

●Q69. It's a question. TERU-san, which software are you using at your Computer for composing songs? It would be nice if you could tell me!
A. This is a question that was already asked. I use Pro Tools.

●Q70.TERU-san, do you have long hair since you are young? Or when did you decide to let them grow?
A. I decided to let them grow somewhen in high school. I talked about that in the magazin "ROCK AND READ" (´∀`)

●Q71. I'm in my first high school year. I'm worried about which way I should go now. The only thing I know for sure it, I want to continue with my band in the future. I read somewhen in your blog, you started playing guitar that the same age as me… Because I wish to be instructed about the time and way after graduating please tell me about, even if the content is an easy one.
A. This is also something I talked about in "ROCK AND READ". At the time of my gratuation I still had the dream of a art and design, so I was at Geidai [University of art and music in Tokyo], but on half way I decided for the music. Because it's also a hobby, even sudents or working people can have a band. So this was nothing to be worried about. To study or work and have a band at the same time, I want you to give your best according to your own effort. For sure, in life there will be various discouragements, obstacles or exertions. Maybe more than you imagin, but if you don't run away you can conquer it and the way will be open for you.

●Q72.TERU-san, what kind of life did you live after graduating high school?
And to become a professional musician, did you study music theory and so on by yourself?

A.I think you know the answer by reading the one above. I studied music theory be myself. Well that means I got the feeling by playing guitar and during the process of writing songs.

●Q73.TERU-san, who good have you been at high school?
A. I was maybe not that good at school. I've been naughty but studied well.

●Q74.TERU-san, what was the first live you went to see?

A. This was also in "ROCK AND READ"... (laugh) I was invented by a friend to go to a Nagabuchi Tsuyoshi live. I was impressed by hearing "友よ[Friend]"(>_<)

●Q75.TERU-kun, you grew up in Kyoto, so is there any place you could recommend?
A. Well I grew up in Kyoto, but I almost never went to Kyotoish temple and so on (laugh) Because Kyoto MUSE HALL and the suburb music shop are places which supported me, I recommend them! (laugh)

●Q76. I live in Kyoto too… I thought TERU-san, in which area is your family home?∬゜Д゜∬
A. Oh… didn't thought something like that would be asked f^_^; Private things are very important to me, so please ask questions with morality. If daring to answer it's somewhere in the city.

●Q77. What was the occasion that you started the Q&A corner?? Also in the future I'll be looking forward to this project, because it makes your fans happy.
A. In the past I reveived a lot of questions, but it was difficult to answer them by sending everyone a personal message. I'm sorry if I didn't answer before, but I'll answer now in the blog. I'll do my best to fulfill your expactions.☆

●Q78. At the lives, is it just KAMIJO-san who talks at the MC?
A. I don't talk at every live, but until now I already talked several times (>_<)

●Q79. Recently I read an article about a movie called "Alice fell in a hole". Do you like "Alice in Wonderland"? If so, do you like the original, the anime oder the movie the most?
A. "Alice in Wonderland" has a worldview that I love very much. But I'm not very familiar with it, so I don'T know which one.
What you've talked about, the movie with Tim Burton as director, I want to watch it, but that seems to be difficult, because I'm so busy. By the way because the original is scray [<>] I'm more interested in Cinderella and Snow White.

●Q80. Recently I can hear very bad, so I went to the otolaryngologist some days ago. They made the diagnosis “sound trauma". They said "It will be no handicap for your live but please refrain from going to places like concerts" (T_T)But I want to go to a LIVE、I live with the motto 'no music no life', I can't give up on a portable player, so what should I do?
A. Ohh… So you want me to give you advice as a friend!? (゜∀゜;) To be patient with the things you like my be hard, but please take care of your body, because it is something irreplaceable!! I have no expert knwolage about that, so I just can advice to use earplugs against noise and I think it would be better to listen to the doctors advice. Versailles will also give concerts in the future, so please be unpatient!

●Q81. About HIZAKI-san, does he like Harry Potter?
A. Because HIZAKI-san like movies, too he might like it (>_<) I haven't watch them [all?] yet.

●Q82. This is all of a sudden, but did you know that V-kei became street fashion now? [There's also something about 'family fortune' in this phrase but I don't get it >.<]
A. It's the first time I hear about that (>_<) I don't know about what's in (´∀`;) ●Q83.TERU-sama, dou you eat natto?
A. I eat it.☆ I pretty like natto (´∀`) What I hate is vinegar f^_^; I hate such sour things like ponzu and frensh dressing;;

●Q84. Are there strings for guitar you can recommend? (?_?)
A. Because I barely use anything else than D'Addario, maybe those (>_<) By the way, I use D'Addario EXL115. 011 - 049 are a little unfunctional to play fast, because they are too thick and hard. (laugh)

●Q85. What do you think while playing guitar at a live?
A. I answered this at the tour pamphlet, please have a look in there (>_<)

●Q86.TERU-san, please tell me the thickness of the pick you use.
A. Looking at it, it seem like 1-2mm thickness, but actually I don't know how many mm they actually are f^_^; You must get own of those I throw at the lives!!(゜∀゜)

●Q87.TERU-san, what are your conditions for choosing a pick?
A. The speed of playing and the sound. The rest is intuition.

●Q88. I often hear, your fingers become hard by playing guitar, are yours hard?
A.Of cause barré is hard ☆[I'm knot sure about that]

●Q89. Do you do anything when you get a guitar in your hands?
A. I think I akt like everyone. But I don't use Finger-Ease and oil and so on I don't use at all.

●Q90.TERU-san, when you're practicing playing guitar, do you sit or stand while playing?
A. I sit while playing. To play standing is even more difficult than []to play] a phase you think about while sitting…(laugh)

●Q91.I've a question to TERU-san. When you're playing a sweep using string 1, 2 and 3 do you play the same alternate as Mr. Chris Impelliteri?
A. The sweep position is the same, but the expression I want to make, the nuances and speed are different. Playing a sweep fluently in highspeed and if you want to turn and put out the crunching edge then the alternate is better. By the way, this isn't limited to strings 1, 2 and 3. When you play the sweep postion in highspeed alternate I recommend you strengthening your pick (>_<)

●Q92. When you started playing guitar, what songs did you play or practice?
And concerning ramen, what kind of ramen do you like?

A. Songs like "Tears In Heaven" by Eric Clapton, or "Stairway to Heaven" by Led Zeppelin, or "Highway Star" and "Smoke On The Water" by Deep Purple. At the beginning a lot of old hard rock. It was a tasteful high school student habit (laugh) I was surprised because the type of question is completely different. I think I like pork ramen.

●Q93.TERU-san, in songs you don't use the clean tone, do you use the amp or effector for distortion?
To make a high-gain sound, you use the Kettner amp, but I know you attuned the effector to distortion (´`)

A. Basically I create all the distortion with the amp. I use Sobbat as a booster for distortion and the setup is nearly 0. (>_<)

●Q94.TERU-san, althouth you are influenced by Darrell, why don't you use your arm? Speaking of Darrell, he plays in the squeal-style, which is [my?] personal opinion (laugh)
A. That was maybe a big thing when I bought my first electric guitar, a Stratocaster of Fender. Because it's no rock-style I went crazy with the tuning in one moment by using the arm, so I continued practicing without using the arm until now (゜∀゜)

●Q95.TERU-san, do you like Sangokushi [Chronicle of the 3 Kingdoms]?
A. I almost don't know anything about Sangokushi f^_^; But I'm interested in it☆

●Q96. Concerning cloths for going to a LIVE, what would you like a girl to wear? A Lolita, or more sexy, or girly, or something...? (>_<) TERU-san, because you have been dressed like a girl at the beginning, I feel like you might have a more concrete preference than someone else... And, if lolita or gothic lolita, which kind of color or brand do you like?
A. I also a man, so personally I like a lot... (laugh) I think if everone dresses up suitable and fashionable, I think any would be lovely!
As for lolita cloths, maybe BABY-san. I like light colors...

●Q97.TERU-san, you have such a beautiful and adorable figure. Are you going to the gym or doing body training at home to get you body well trained?
IIn your profile you wrote "playing guitar at Versailles is nearly like sports", does that mean you need a gorgeous fitness to handle a live...

A. Before a tour I go walking of something for my physical strength. As there is no suitable body traing for me, I don't do it(laugh).

●Q98. Teru-san, you are wearing nice clothes every day, denuded here and there, your belly and your waist are slim! Do you do anything to care about your bodyshape? Moreover, did you ever made a diet?
A. I don't do anything to care about your bodyshape…(laugh) Sorry that I don't have any references;

●Q99. I've seen the cute TERU-san of the HIZAKI grace project time (*/ω\*) Why can't I see this cute TERU-san anymore (o^∀^o)?
A. There chance to see my cute type isn't zero. You might have another chance☆

●Q100. What are you doing in the free time of this tour?
A. About the time during a tour I gave an answer in the tour pamphlet, so please look up there if you are interested in it~. When I have freetime I give my best to practice.

●Q101.TERU-san, I think you've been abroad before the oversea tour with Versailles, but I think it's better to be careful abroad. Please tell me what is important to take with you when you go abroad.
A. Is there no normal person person who is more well informed from me (laugh)As for foreign countries, because there are a lot of things that are not the common Japaese sense, isn't it good to go under such condition. In reverse I tried to reaffirme the nice thing about Japan when I go abroad. And, if you use you phone as usual, you might pay over 100.000yen, so please be careful [Teru did this the first time on tour ^^;](laugh)
Also, it would be better to buy a power adapter plug at the airport.

●Q102.TERU-kun, I love your smiling face and fingernails. My heart is throbbing when I just see your smiling face ゜・:,。゜・:,。★゜・:,。゜・:,。☆
Recently I can't decide on a color for manicure. I absolutly don't know which color to choose, so I want to ask you for an advice.
TERU-kun, what color do you usually use for manicure? As for a fan, what color would make your heart beating faster?

A. Wouldn't it be good to choose a color matching your clothing or a fashion color? Maybe the pretty girls around you now more about it in detail than me.
I'm just use nail polish because a usual manicure would affect my guitar playing. A color that would make me my heart beating faster... huh, which color? Let me get excited by every color (laugh)

●Q103.TERU-kun, you like the manga "Strawberry 100%", right? Which girl do you like the most?
A. Definitely!It's Toujou Aya. Basically I have the tendency to be fascinated bylong haired girls(゜∀゜)Because I'm Toujou faction, I can't understand the end of the manga.(;_;)

●Q104. Do you like leathercraft things?
A. I like it. I like the black feeling (>_<) ●Q105.TERU-kun, is the beauty spot under your eye real?
A. That's a business secret (laugh)

●Q106. In the lyrics of the Versailles song "GOD PALACE" is the phrase "If I am able to be reborn, I’ll shall become a beautiful flower". TERU-san, if you are reborn what would you like to become? I want to become a cat!
A. I want to be a man like made of iron. I wish for a persevering mind and body that can work and keeps moving without sleep, without rest.

●Q107.TERU-kun, if you have time, to you stay in contact with Chris Impellitteri-san?
A. It's difficult to understand the meaning of the question, but I'm able to become a good friend of Impellitteri-san (´∀`)

●Q108.I have a question, I could went to the live at Osaka Midôkaikan on April 18th.
It was during a song, I watched TERU-san for just a short time I saw you crossing your hands while playing. Is this a way of playing? Or do you think it's a way to entertain the audience?

A. This was maybe during the solo in "Silent Knight". It's a technique I developed while rehearsing, a kind of tapping, but because it's not that someone use it as a way of playing, so I don't know whether it is established. In this case, I want to give a selfish name. (laugh) It's "TERU-style sweep".(゜∀゜)

●Q109."The Red Carpet Day" is a song by TERU-san, starting at the intro there's a melody of the keyboard with a pitched sound which is almost the same with the guitar. What kind of instrument is that? I come up with this question every time I'm listening to this song, so please let me know.
A.It's a harpsichord. (>_<) Maybe it's better known under the German word cembalo. Because I like baroque music as well, I love the sound of the harpsichord.

●Q110. In the middle of "The Red Carpet Day" at the "hai! hai! hai! hai!"-part… was this recorded by all members? Or is it a record of the voice of you both KAMIJO-san and TERU-san which is used several times?? (Because TERU-san is singing the chorus during the live, so maybe you both do)
And after "hai! hai! hai! hai!", what does it mean? A friend said it means "Judgement!!", but I always hear "Destroy!!" I'm so interested in it, I can't sleep! Please tell me. (`・
A. What this shouted slogan usually should mean is "The Red!!". Now listening to it,I can hear other words~。Of cause the shouting voice is me, but there is no voice of an other member. Because it's from long time ago, I don't remember well (laugh) Please sleep well now (>_<) [I might be a little wrong with the last part]

●Q111. Has Q111.TERU decided using ANTELOPE and RAINDEER properly by what?Is it compatibility of the sound with the princess? Or is it because you want to be stronger than princess? Please tell me.
A. A.I did not consciously distinguish them. Both are great guitars. Currently I use ANTELOPE as main guitar.

●Q112.TERU-san, what equipment do you use when you practice guitar at home? I use unplug VOX. It's better to use headphones. Because of the shield you can hear the tone without disruption.
And in your previous blog you wrote you went with the members of Aikaryu to
Ten-Ichi. Do you like Ten-Ichi?
A..At home I often use Pro Tools while recording to practice. In the phrase I'm playing I can also record the one I think about and understand it partly while listening and reproducing it. Then it becomes a warning to me.
I like Tenkaippin

●Q113. Is it the influence of Chris-kun that you now use ENGL?
I think you used Hughes & Kettner since Aikaryu, so I'm quite interested in your reason for changing to ENGL.

A. For many years I've been loyal to Hughes & Kettner, but I feld like there it kind of a sound barrier. I was always interested in ENGL and when I tried it made such a cool sound that I now use it as main amplifier and it has maybe more possibilities.

●Q115.TERU-san is using ANTELOPE as main guitar and HIZAKI-san is using HORIZON Ⅲ, which is freighted by Floyd Rose [?]. When you must replace the strings or do an adjustment, what do you do, when you think "I don't want to do it~"?? [actually I really don't get it ^^' ...but Teru didn't understand well either^^;]
A. Sorry but I do not really get what your question is about;;Floyd Rose is just used while replacing the strings. Of cause this takes just a short time and less effort, but to keep to good conditions it has to be done. I think, better than to rise bridge at the arm, you pinch the stick between bridge and body and so on so you easily get stability for tuning. [it's s hard to translate when you don't know what they are talking about]

●Q116. The first guitar TERU-san bought, was it a Stratocaster and what guitar did you play back in school? I also want to start playing guitar so could you please look-up?
A.In the school days I uses a Stratocaster guitar and an acoustic guitar. Because at that time I was influenced by guitarists like Impellitteri-san, Eric Clapton-shi, Ritchie Blackmore, I was intensely thinking about Stratocaster.

●Q117.I love Serenade! There's a scene with piano. Can you play it?(^3^)/
A. It's not good enough to play in front of others. If I will be able to play one time, I hope everyone will be surprised! (>_<)

●Q118. Songs of Versailles are wonderful in terms of expressing feelings. For guitar techniques and other theoretical things where do you get your inspiration from? For music and scenery, please tell me as exactly as possible. When I first listened to Versailles I imagined a world as in medieval Europe.
A. The impression of a mute movie, a outlook on the world, or the atmosphere in a scene are thing that I convert into music. A movie is not limited to photos and pictures while watching it. And I while composing I increases the songs during a walk.

●Q119.Though it is a band from Denmark, do you know VOLBEAT? Recently they are quite popular here (in Germany). At the Nuremberg ring, also used for F1 races, a rock festival was held. Actually this year 85 bands participated. There where the opening act for an AC/DC concert in Berlin. Does TERU-san like susch bands?
A. I don't know them, but if this is a recommend, I'll check them (>_<)

●Q120.You said you grew up in Kyoto...Kyoto is famous for a lot of things... That's what I want to ask about. Do you like tsukemono?[pickles] That's why I wanted to ask whether Kyoto tsukemono are delicious. You as grown up in Kyoto, please let me know your recommendation.(and which is the best Kyoto tsukemono)
A. Because I like aubergines want to recommend aubergine tsukemono(´∀`)

●Q121. Right know I'm about making bread!!Recently I made a Kame-san melon-bread★
What kind of bread shall I make next... I don't know(?)
It's a question to the artist Teru-san!!
What kind fo bread would you like to try? If it's okay, please give me an answer.^^
A. If it would be my own face I could eat myself up.(laugh)
Woulndn't also be great to make the petals of a rose in detail. But it might be regrettable to eat it then(laugh)

●Q122. I have a question. Do you usually cook for yourself? Or do you go out for dining?
A. I only go out for dining. I never cook for myself f^_^;

●Q123. I have a question... I think about giving a present to you at a live, but I don't know whether the members hate sweets? If so, I'm sorry for bothering you... I would be glad I you could tell me (^ー
A. We often receive cakes, but we all think it's very delicious☆(´∀`)

●Q124. I love Versailles. I'm in second grade of junior high-school, I wanted to go to a live but I wasn't allowed to(ノ_<。)
TERU-san please say something that I can go m(__)m

A. The subject of the message was 'question' but I think this is no real question…(laugh)
I already had trouble answering these things before, but how about to start by making you parents to like Versailles at first? (>_<) And than ask them to go together with you to a concert. And I'm asking your parents myself to let you go m(_ _)m

●Q125. I have a question, at the final the were fans really starting to use the rose light on a voluntary basis in a scene? I think, I used it myself (during Serenade), because everyone around me was using it. Was it said to use it during "Serenade"? To use the rose light in other songs, too does this disturb you on stage when we go on using the rose light with light switched on?
Have there been rose lights during "Serenade" in front of Teru-san? The topic in this song seems very important to everyone, that's why we want to light it up a little... or do you not want us to use it then?!

A. To me the rose light is a flickering thing and I wish you would use it more often during the songs. Please everyone feel free to use the roselight more often. It will not change the lightning production and the performance.

●Q126.TERU-sama, do you check who has given you a peta?
A. I check it, but it' difficult because I'm so bussy. I wat to see as much blogs as possible and give a peta back!!

●Q127. I joined the mobile fanclub, but not the page. But is it not compatible with iPhone? Because I have not that much money the mobile fanclub would be better, as fot the official fanclub is a retainage payment possible for the annual fee ? For this live
to go together was preceding taken, but I want to reserve every time and the fan club can reserve early...。
I would be very thankful for an reply.
A. NOBLE Mobile Fan Club is currently not compatible with the iPhone. About these things, please ask here! →contact@delacroix-tokyo.com

●Q128.Please tell me the meaning of "B.P.T." (the perfume by TERU-kun).
A. It is not published anywhere... I'll leave it to your imagination (laugh)

●Q129. Do you know the currently popular anime "K-On!"?
A. I watch it once so I know a little bit (>_<) But I doubt the reality of such a band...(laugh) ●Q130. Is there any job TERU-kun could recommend (´ω`)? If so, please tell me★
A. As for me als person who aspired to music career I think I could learn a lot in a livehouse☆ I did work in Kyoto MUSE by myself and could see a lot of bands and study.

●Q131.Does TERU-san use way or [hair]spray? What ever I used was not that good(;´▽`A``
Please tell me how I could get a good result(。
A. Usually I don't use wax and spray at all~ At the lives it's VO5 (laugh)

●Q132.TERU-kun, the bangs hänging down oder a part, what do you prefer?★
A. Hmm, if it suits [you] I live both.But an easy straint part I don't like that much(>_<)

●Q133.TERU-sama, what kind of girls character do you like and what kind of behavior?♪(*^・^)ノ⌒☆
A. Maybe girls with a strong personaity [=grils who knowwhat they want] and adorable ones. And I like friendly girls.(>_<) The behavior must fit the person~

●Q134. An addition to the last one, I hyperpersonally what to know a lot, leader(`・ω・´)>
A.Oh hold on (laugh) By the way this is to Q[96]. "For a LIVE, is there anything you want girl to wear?"
My very own opinion is… I think miniskrits make girl simply very cute (>_<)

●Q135.This will be a very strange question. m(_ _)m TERU-sama is really “male”, isn't he!???(?_?)
The profile photo on your official blog just gives the impression of a 'Kusajoshi' [don't know how to translate it rigfht] (girls-otaku).
That's why I was worried and send you this question mail. Thank you your answer. m(_ _)m

A.It's okay. For sure I'm male (laugh)Maybe you mean the photograph with the red backround? In the past I often dressed up like a girl so maybe this has given you the wrong impression of a girl (>_<)

●Q136. The day of Aikaryu 1 day reunion I saw you in front of my eyes dresst up as real girl and you were so cure I thought "I lost...(;´Д`)ノ". With Aikaryu you are a "perfekt" girl, but since you joined Versailles have you never feld like dressing up like a girl again?
A. For quite some years I made great efforts to be dressed and styled like a girl and by intention I now was forced to be a male character(゜∀゜)

●Q137. The price for cigarettes raised~ At my home no one is smoking but it must be a hard blow for you. How do you think about a no-smoking-rule?(・∀・

A.It's okay, it's just that you're not allowed anymore to by cigarettes forr mor that 50.000yen at once (laugh)(゜∀゜) so I till don't think about quitting!!

●Q138. I like progressive metal bands like DREAM THEATER, KAMELOT and so on. Are there any progressive metal band you like?
Moreover, I also would be happy if you could recommend me your favorit one (*´∀`
A.Maybe YUKI-kun knows more about progressive metal tahn me~I'm not sure whether you already know, but SYMPHONY X is great I think.
To recommend something~ that's difficult. I don'T know now, but "Dusk And Her Embrace" by Cradle Of Filth is something I recently listen to very often and can recommend it to you. This is brutal~(laugh) I love the floating-in-the-air-feeling of this album☆

●Q139. When the PV of "DESTINY-The Lovers-" will be broadcast! I too excited to sleep!
A. It's something I don't know either, yet. Please wait and sleep well!(゜∀゜;)

●Q140. I'm not that good at alternate picking or fast playing, and with the sweep way to play I'm getting not quite better. How to practice is the best?
A.There are quite a lot questions about sweep (>_<) So I'll instruct you to my way of practice. I play the position of the sweep phrase inalternate picking slowly but conscientiously and bit by bit rise the tempo. When I reach BPM=160 for the semiquaver I think in case of spead it's quite good, but when I switch this phrae to sweep picking I think I can play it mysteriously. According to some people to play a sweep phrase with sweep picking is not that difficult as playing a sweep phrase with alternate picking. So you should start to familiarize yourself with alternate picking to learn to match the timing of your left and your right hand, sweep picking is actually ease to feel. The concept is "sweep picking is easier than alternate picking" so sweep picking means to understand playing. By the way, when I practice like that with alternate picking I recently can play at BPM=190 sweep picking (laught)

●Q141. I always have a look at TERU-sans and YUKI-sans blog , but you both seem to be very good friends^^
So I thought, when you have time are you going out together? If so and you would not mind, would you tell me where you go? (not the exact place, just like"to music store or we go out to eat" for expample, just vague like that!)
I'm sorry for such a curious question, but I would be happy, I you would tell me.♪

A. We rarely meet in privat~ Because in my normal live I meet the other members quite frequently (laugh)
But we often said together with YUKI-kun we will do a hobby-shop together in the future (laugh)

●Q142. Does MASASHI-san have ameblo??
If he didn't has, did he has a blog somewhere else?? I'm waiting for your answer(o^∀^o)

A. Oh! Oh! Oh! MASASHI-kun is ameblo member since a long time~(laugh) But he's no amemba with me or YUKI-kun.
I'll live the link this time☆→Masashi and music and cat

●Q143. I have a question about the way of playing. TERU-san, for playing sweep on 5th and 6th sttring, do you play a pick up on[?] the rear or front?
A. I often play on the front, but somethime also according to the phrase from the rear.

●Q144. I played the piano for a long time and lately I also want to try real songs! So I bought DTM software.
Therefore this is a question about the interlude at around 2minutes 20seconds in PRINCE! The guitar sound expands very muc. hIs therefore used a sustainer installing guitar?
I've seen TERU-sans guitar on ESP HP, but it's not equipped with sustainer, so I got interested in!
It is written that that you'll get a long-sustain on the through-neck-body...(I think this is HIZAKI-sans guitar...)
[again I have no knowledge about the content m(_ _)m]
Maybe all there sounds are not from the guitar, but from the effector?
I'm sorry, it's a newbe-question (>_<) If it's oakay pleasse tell me. m(u_u)m I'll support you♪

A. The solo is played be HIZAKI-san, but ANTELOPE and HORIZON both have no sustainer.
For sure in this solo the long-delay of the effector is used. I'll welcome your support in the future, too☆

●Q145.TERU-san, your are an everlasting super-great guitarist. (laugh) When you're composing songs don't you need knowledge about drums?
Or do you have a lot of knowledge about drums?
So you need knowledge about drums to to compose songs??

A. I think a certain knowledge about drums of the composer and smooth communication with the drummer are enough.
most of the time when I compose songs, I make a provisional drum MIDI that I hand to YUKI-kun to please he to arrenge it.
If you want to have various knowledge about drums, buy a bandscore of a band you like and type it into a drum machine or something by yourself, I think it is actually easy to understand.
But keep in your mind that a programmed and a live drum are totally different. Because there is nothing impossible in programming and technique, you should get used to it and serch a drummer in case of requesting the best technique.

●Q146.TERU-kun, you seem to like rain, do you like lightning, too?
A. I was called "ameotoko" [rain man] by KAMIJO-san, but actually I don't like rain~(◎o◎;)
I love to see the lightning with my bare eyes, though it's scary~

●Q147.TERU-kun, can you speak English?
A. embarrassingly I can't speak it at all, but I think it would be better if I could f^_^;
But mysteriously, when I'm abroad I can handly the impotant things (laugh)

●Q148. Please come to Hawaii! Wae (^
ε^) Are there plans to come to Hawaii? I admire you! Please visit.o(^▽^)o
A. It's more a wish than a question…(laugh) But we'll think about (゜∀゜)

●Q149.It's a question about presents for Versailles. I like to draw illustrations, so I often draw Versailles. When you get such illustrations it's actually not something practical and maybe you think it's annoying. But it's drawn with love and I want to give it together with a letter but I don't want to bother you.

A. Thank you very much. I'm allways glad to reseive illustrations (´∀`)

●Q150. What anime do you like? Do you like any new series?
A.Thanks for the message from Colombia! I like a lot of animes~ I like a lot of old animes (laugh) but I'll enumerate all that come into my mind now. AKIRA、Kimagure Orange ☆ Road, Strawberry 100%、BASTARD!!, Studio Ghibli animes, Disney in general (including the Adventures of Gummibears), GUNDAM Char's Counterattack, Dragon Ball, Sakigake!! Otokojuku, Fist of the North Star, The Brave Fighter of Legend Da-Garn, Ranma 1/2, Simpsons and so on...(´∀`)

●Q151.Which foreign metal bands have you seen live already?
A. Last year I went to see IMPELLITTERI when they played in Japan.☆
I almost every year go to Loudpark to see many metal bands. By the way, the one I've seen the most until today are ARCH ENEMY.

●Q152.TERU-san, what is your size for rings?
And do you wear rings? Thank you ♪
A. I wear rings but I don't know my ringsize now…(゜∀゜;)

●Q153. Teru-kun, you have more than 5000 ameba Versailles fans now. Was [it]? also popular in the time between [your]? elementary school til high school? (?_?)
A. Maybe it was popular, maybe not. I don't know the standards for the average.
But in high school it's absolutely no fun to play guitar alone (laugh)
[Absolutely don't get it >.<' sorry, but this makes not much sense to me]

●Q154.TERU-kun, Your motto written on your profile is different from the motto written in the pamphelt... Which on is really your motto?
I like both and was interested in them because these words have a part to encourage people σ(^_^;)

A. Maybe the one from the pamphelt. There are a lot of mottos for me.
By the way, "My inferiority complex is my vitality for tomorrow" is a phrase born out of my live experience.

●Q155.TERUsan, about your original perfume, B.P.T.
The lable on the bottle is saying B.B.T no matter how I look at it…
Is this a mistake of the character design... or how did it come?

A. I don't have an origial with me at the moment so I can't check. Because I was the one who did the design of it, but it's possible I made a little mistake there... I'm very sorry about that...

●Q156.TERU-san, in which pace are you smoking every day?
And do you think something like girls should not smoke?

A, All in all I think at an average it's about 1 box every day (>_<) Well, it depends on the day. For me it's absolutely ok when girls smoke in my presence. To smoke and manner in girly way, is something I wish.☆ [not 100% sure about the meaning of his answer]

●Q157.TERU-san, you have such a beautiful skin. Do you do anything very special for your skin?
A. This is the same question like in the past in a Q&A Q.9 I don't do anything special for a beautiful skin~.
Maybe it's because I usually go to bed late and wake up late und drink a lot of Koiwai coffee and milk!? (laugh)

●Q158.For some reason I recently like "Fist of the North Star" very much.
TERU-kun, which character is your favorite??? I love Juza-sama(´`●
) !!!! laugh
Ah, by the way, do you like the jump-style????
Ah, TERU-san, which brand is your perfume? Do you use perfume?

A.Juza is really cool, isn't he.
I think I like Raoh the most. He has a tough body and an amazing power which seems to me very near to the image of deathmetal sound (laugh)
Recently I don't read Jump, but in the past I read it often☆
Lately I got intersted in the perfum called BABY ROSE JEANS by Versace~ Actually I like the sweet style (´∀`)

●Q159. I'm a girl in 3rd grade in junior high.
I love hard rock, heavy metal and punk and listen often to this music.
But I don't have such friends around.
I often feel sad and alone even when I go to karaoke.
Would it be better to know some pop songs?

A. Don't worry, I don't know pop-songs either. (laugh)
When you got to karaoke together with people who mainly listen to J-POP, it seems likemetal is annoying for the others. I also had the frustrating experience several times. f^_^;
If everyone gives you such a cold glance keep the burning fighting spirit "It's pitiable!"[does he mean the anti-metal people?] in your heart, maybe this also encourages [you?] to play guitar (laugh)
If I should give you 1 advice, wouldn't it be great if you could surprise the anti-metal people with your amazing good metal singing.
If it's that amazing, even the people who have no interest in it will notice it, I think.☆

●Q160.Do you know the anime "Last Unicorn"? Do you like it? What do you think about the soundtrack?
A. Because I didn't know it, try to ask again next time.☆(´∀`)

●Q161. How did it feel when you wore a skirt for the first time? And, how did your parents and your brothers think about this?
A. Well~ It really was a strange feeling (laugh)
I feared my familys reaktion, so it didn't ask, but... probably they would have just gazed at me coldly (laugh)

●Q162.Er...Teru-kun, I have a present for youIt's just some simple handmade knitted material, but maybe you are interested?
And, Versailles haven't planed to give a concert in China, right?
I'm doing my best to learn Japanese now! I wish to work in Japan one day and go to a live of Versailles!
Maybe I used some strange Japanese. I'm sorry...

A. Maybe next year. I think we'll have an Asia tour, so give me your present then ☆(´∀`)

●Q163.Me and my boyfriend, we have asthma, it's serious in this season.
TERUsan, is your physical condition okay? Do you have asthma or allergies or hay fever or something?

A. If I'm forced to, it depends on the kind of allergyf^_^; Sometimes I have cold like symptoms like a running nose or cough.
When I play around with a cat and carelessly rubbed my eyes with the hand, the hell is waiting for me;;
I don't have problems with hey-fever☆

●Q164.TERU-san, are you the Aquarius or the Pocari type? [->]
A. If any, I'm pocari type (>_<) Aquarius always feels like it tastes like watermelon (laugh) I like watermalon, but... ☆

●Q165. In the interlude, harmony part, did the songwriter record this alone? Or did everyone record it? Is HIZAKI-san's phrase difficult?
A. Usually everyone is recording his part. So to combine the nuances is very difficult.
By the way, depending on the phrase, it's very often that the fingering in the harmony is more difficult than in the main rhythm. (The fingering of my guitarsolo in "The Revenant Choir" is very difficult, too~)
The melody is even more difficult ... and the harmonyis quite exhausting (laugh)

●Q166.TERU-san, hello. I went to the CCLemonHall Grand Final on September 4 together with my boyfriendend and listened to Destiny -The Lovers! It was burned into my memory because it was my first live! I should receive the CD tomorrow and I think I'll remember the time I spend at the live then! I tried to shout everyones name loud, but I noticed it's difficult to shout "TE~RU~!" in a loud voice. For "HIZAKI~!", "KAMIJO~saaaan!", "YUUUUUKII!", "MA~SASHI~!" it's easy to produce a loud sound comming from the belly, but because the sound of "ru" of "TERU" is difficult to pronounce loud, so I think, because it's clearly to understand, I changed it in the middle to "TE~U~". Is that ok?
A.If there's love in your shout, it leave [the pronunciation] to you (´∀`) anyway I wish you will shout my name louder than the others names (laugh)

●Q167.Hi Hi! I'm Alice from Colombia (・ω・)/ ... At first:
The PV of Destiny - The Lovers- is beautiful! I love your guitar!!!:*:・
( ̄∀ ̄)・:*:
Versailles of the PV, which do you like more?? And why??

A.Oooo… I don't unterstand the meaning of the question (゜∀゜;) Alice-san, study a little more japanese and please ask again!

●Q168. I want to try to have make-up during a live, but I think it will be blur away when I sweat.
I hope you can tell me any tools that will help against this o(^-^o)(o^-^)o

A. My tool against this is maybe to trink almost no water... but it's absolutely bad for your body f^_^;
For example I heared the body is binded with a string somewhere[??], to cool the armpit down and transpiration keep the temperatur low, which should actually be something good.
But to sweat at a live because of overheating is actually something usual, as well a live is a true pleasure. So I maybe should advise you to sweat a lot.
But I'll leave the make-up tools a company secret (laugh)

●Q169. Congratulations for releasing Destiny-The Lovers-!
I want to copy your speed guitar playing, but I don't understand the left hand of your both-hand-tapping!
I understand the up-going sound of the right hand, but because I don't get how to use the left hand, so please tell me, if it's ok (´∀`
) laugh
I think it's difficult, but please give me an answer♪
Moreover, the solo of Libido is so cool, I'm repeating it over and over again (´∀`
) laugh
A. I can not tell you the trick here, yet, because there might be a scorebook release (not decided yet), wait for it! My hint is the sound of the route.[orsomething like that f^^;]

●Q170."Reminiscence" is an instrumental song, but there are Lyric written in the booklet. Why is the so? Did you write that?
A. Because "Reminiscence" is a part of the story, we added some poetic stuff to it. I discussed with KAMIJO-san about that and he wrote this for me.

●Q171.I decided to keep one of TERU-sans beloved husky dogs. I can't decide for a name. Would you mind to think about? It's a girl, gray (like TERU-san), blue eyes, a pattern on her face is coming out, she's born on September 22. If possible I wish for a japanese style name.
A. Your question is so detailed, but I have a great responsibility to give an answer here!!
Ot think about it seriously and as a result I have the image of the husky in my mind, that's "Wolfy". If you want a japanese style name "銀河(Ginga)" or something like that would be cool. Or "雪輝(Setsuki)". [it's written with Snow and the Kanji for Teru]
I hope I could help you a bit.☆
By the way, if I had a dog, I would name it "Norio", or "Nakamura-kun" or some usual name like that~(laugh)

●Q172. I want to start playing e-guitar! It's not to found a band or something, just for fun♪ My goal is to play Serenade by Versailles(゚ω゚) I have absolutely no knowledge about it, so can you tell me something! Which guitar is good to buy as a beginner? Is it ok to have no idea about design and price (゚~゚;)? I thought about buying a mini guitar with integral amp, how do you think about that?(>_<)?
A. I think it's ok to have no idea about design and price as a beginner(>_<) As long as the mini guitar with integral amp has normal scale(normal length of the neck), it's ok!

●Q173. Finally it's getting winter(Д) The time until christmas ♪♪
TERU-san, until what age did you believe in Santa Claus (o・
A. I was a very naive kid (laugh), so I believed in him maybe until 2nd grate in elementary school (>_<) I wished for the "Black Dragon Castle" from Lego, but I didn't get one, so I started to doubt (laugh)(゜∀゜)

●Q174.TERU-kun, where did you get the eyelashes you use?
I wish to have the same, but i can't find them (>_<) Please tell me (≧ε≦)

A. My fake eyelashes are... Sorry! It's a company secret f^_^; A hint is maybe the make-up as clue!? [If you ask me as Teru-cosplayer: He's not wearing any fake lashes! It's just make-up!]

●Q175.Recently you seem to work until late every day. You are designing again, right? Also, Kamijo works as a producer for SAS and you as a designer. Do other members do similar work except for the band-work?
A. HIZAKI-san offers songs to other artists and MASASHI-kun is playing as support bassist in many different session bands.There is a lot of work except for the band-work, but Versailles is the most important.

●Q176. Three years have passed since I started playing guitar, but playing standing I quite can't splay my fingers! TERU-san, please tell me a training how to splay my fingers!!
A.Well, I don't know a special method either f^_^; Maybe you should get used to it step by step to play standing!
As method to splay your figers, I think you should consciously practice wide-strech scales so you'll slowly will be able to splay your fingers. And it's easier to splay your fingers playing the classical type not the rock type.

●Q177. Are you playing the guitar solo in "LIBIDO"? Or is it HIZAKI-san?
A. Of cause I'm playing the solo!(゜∀゜)

●Q178.TERU-san, are you playing games? Please recommend one★
A. I almost never play games~(>_<) As recommendation maybe… Panel de Pon for Super Famicom (laugh)

●Q179.The costumes of Versailles are idears of the members I think… and TERU-san, which is you favorite costume? Yours and those of the other members are very beatiful. Moreover, would you like to try to wear the cloth of the other members?
A. I think I like the first one and the one now the most (´∀`) The costumes of the other members all doesn't fit me f^_^;

●Q180.TERU-san, I think usually the PU of your guitar is custom of Duncan and 59, but at this world tour I could see you used rear and front together [as?] invater. Is that so?(same as HIZAKI-san) What pick-up do you actually put in? And if you use an invader, from now on, what will be your main invader?
A.In my memory it definitely was front Seymour Duncan SHR-1n and the rear Seymour Duncan TB-5 (>_<)

●Q181. It's just a little left of this year ☆ If you had to describe this year with one kanji to represent it, what would you choose?(I'm not kidding) (∀)
And as kanji is your goal for the next year…♪

A. I quite have to use my brain for this question (゜∀゜)
The kanji to express this year is probably"動" [movement]. We released the debut-album, we had a world-tour, MASASHI-kun joined us, so it was a quite moved year (>_<) I want to undertake a lot more next year, so I want it to become a "激"[intensive] year!

●Q182. I know KAMIJO-san is a Mac-user. TERU-kun, du you use a PC?
A. I'm absolutly a Mac user!! It's not an exaggeration to say I'm addcited to my Mac (laugh)
In April this year, my Mac was broken so I resentfulnessly wrote in my blog about it. Try to review that~ (゜∀゜)

●Q183. Please let me send my first message!! I feel a bit ashamed because I started listening to the music of Versailles just a little while ago! I'm also a beginner to this genre. Because my actually good friend knew a lot about it, so he/she told me a lot about it and I'm learning more about it now! It's just a very different kind of music... Recently this friend told me: Lately I also started to listen to Versailles
"I've never listened to Versailles... How about the members????"
I asked to learn more...
"Guitarist of Aikaryu-yan!!!!" [Yan is a dialect varriant like -kun or -chan]
he/she said laughing out! What he/she continued to say, was:
"Certainly they played in Kyoto. The performance was so great I got interested in them!!"
"But it was funny!! They were cooking dinner during the live and stuff like that~…"
…TERU-san!! What the hell have you been doing in the past!? laugh. If you don't mind I'd like to hear another episode♪ Please!

A.Aikaryu was kind of a fun-story-metal-cosplay-visual kei band"(>_<) It was a giggly band as much as we want [to be like that] and during the live music and the performances we were doing foolish things (laugh) We really cooked takikomi gohan [rice cooked with meat, fish and vegetables] during a oneman live, or doing short plays and gags or wearing strange hats, or suddenly hitting a watermelon with ones head, or let a tub [his] head, or we played scissor-paper-rock during the MC and the member that lost, had to got to buy something at the convenience store, or eat raw fish, or drink 10 raw eggs in one go, or our vocalist went to the toilet during the show giving a live report what was happening there and stuff like that, or doing a sumo wrestler's retirement ceremony opend to puplic pierce. Anyway we've a giggly band that was ahead of our time (laugh) By the way, about having those ideas I have been almost never ridiculous(゜∀゜) The following links are Aikariyu related entries, so just have a look at them(>_<) http://ameblo.jp/versailles-teru/day-20100724.html

●Q184. I think about buying an edwards version ANTELOPE as second guitar, but I couldn't find it at the music store near by...
So please give me a feedback from the perspective of a guitarist if you've tried it!

A.I'm sorry. I only played the ANTELOPE of ESP (´∀`;)My advice is I want to say anyhow ... the one of ESP (laugh) When you did a research and sound it at a shop, go there and try to play it!

●Q185. How can I become such a great guitarist as you, TERU-san?
Is it ok to do this and admire you?

A. Ooh this is a difficult question (゜∀゜;) But first, Thank you!
Aas a guitarist... you must play with conviction. Please do admire [me] ♪

●Q186.I love the Versailles sond "SFORZANDO" but it's on no CD or feature, right? (T_T)
I would be glad if you would have the time to answer this o(^-^)o

A."SFORZANDO" has been recorded on "Lyrical Sympathy -LIVE-". Everytime I update my blog there's also a update on Versailles News , so please chack this as well☆

●Q187.①The both-hand-tapping at Destiny-The Lovers, how often did you practice it, TERU-san?
②TERU-san, do you often use tremolo-picking? Recently I'm practicing this. What would I do without a metronome?

A.① Because I practiced the both-hand-tapping itself before very often, I don't know I often I practiced it~ (>_<) The phrase of 「Destiny-The Lovers」 a practiced about 3 days before the recording.The 8-finger-tapping always seems to be a challenge (laugh) ② I almost never use tremolo-picking on voluntary basis. Until you got used to it, it's difficult to control of the speed, to it's better to use a metronome or click!

●Q188.TERU-sama, this is a simple question to you. When there is a storm-warning or announcement and you are outside, are you blown off by the wind? I really was blown off some meters by the wind (laugh)←yes; but I'm too light (;´Д`)
A.Probably I'm not blown off by the storm (laugh) So watch out the storm-warning! (゜∀゜;)

●Q189. I've a question. I'm very ticklish. TERU-san, are you sensitive to tickiling as well? Moreover where are you ticklish?
A. At the bottom of my feet, armpit and belly maybe... No! As I'm a Metal's Heaven-sent child, there is no dead angle!!

●Q190. For me going to a live is a reward for hard work. Now my questions is, TERU-kun what's a reward for you?
A. Seeing everyone's smiling faces is a great reward! In fact, it's really difficult to make people smile by music.

●Q191. What's the best Christmas persent you ever got?

A. This year I received a lot☆ But the greatest present are the memories of spending Christmas together with the members and with you!☆(´∀`)

●Q192. At the moment the free horror riddle game "Aoi oni" [blue demon] is very popular in my class. Now I'm also trying to play it through, but this game is scary. It is really scary. TERU-san, have you played it? And what kind of horror games do you like?
A. Well, I think I don't know it~ As I'm very busy, there is almost no time to play games.
I like "Otogirisou"[弟切草] or "Gakkou de atta Kowai Hanashi"[School Terror Story], but they are very old (laugh)(>_<) By the way, I'm positive about "Panel de Pon" and "TETRIS CRYSTAL" (laugh)

●Q193. I've read in a magazin before that HIZAKI has his own guitar model.TERU-kun, did you also make one? If you want to make one, what kind of guitar would it be? Please tell me.
A. I can't say much about it, but the process of the original model guitar is a profound secret☆ I can't tell you yet, what kind of guitar it will be, so please just look forward to it (>_<)

●Q194. I think one of Versailles' charm are the twin guitars.
Will you, TERU-san and HIZAKI-san, at a live during a song when there is a loop-play do a guitar battle or improvise something like a guitar interaction? I really wish to see that!!
A. It's more a wish than a question...(laugh) We'll think about~(>_<)

●Q195. It's a guitar question. TERU-san, have you ever played HIZAKI-san's parts?
A. I just played it a little bit.~we are both proud, but since I'm weak in that point oddly the phrases of others are difficult (laugh)

●Q196.TERU-san, how much is your sting height?
A. Since I don't know the measure, I don't know how to answer (゜∀゜;)
If you want me to answer, I think the string size is slightly slimmer, but when I screw up the thick string the tension is also, so it's almost not suitable for fast playing (laugh)

●Q197.TERU-san, though you don't use your arm, why is the bridge a Floyd Rose? Please tell me. Moreover, do you use the same guitars for recording and at the lives? Please tell me the material, thickness an size of the pick you use. Is there a chance to get it?
ps. please tell us about a second album.
A. The mainreason is the tuning stability. I always hear from everyone there is no good technique for arm-play, if there is the possibility to invent the 'deathblow technique' for using your arm, I want to announce it. I use the same guitars for lives and recording.
The pick is a small teardrop. It's hard because it's quite thick. Make sure to get one at a live when I throw it ☆
I wonder when the next album will be released fufufu (laugh)( ̄∀ ̄)If you don't have aleady, please also check our indies releases☆ [this own was quite difficult >.< I hope it's understandable]

●Q198. Are there plans when the TERU model pick will be available?
A. I want it to be on sale in cooperation with ESP! If I'll get to know more, I'll make an announcement!

[●Q199 doesn't exist. I think he was just too excited to reach Q200 XD]

●Q200. How many Drive Pedals do you have? If possible, please name them!!
A. By sobbat: Drive Breaker 1, Drive Breaker 1(TERU custom), Drive Breaker 3, Drive Breaker 4R,
By BOSS: equalizer GE7 and t.c. electronic by G Major, so all in all 6. Honesty I don't care about having more (laugh)

●Q201. How much distortion do you use at your sobbat drive pedal ?
Do you use it like a booster? Please tell me!
A. When I use a Kettner amp, I almost don't use it.
The amp already has enough distortion pedal, so it's an image of adding the edge with the sobbat.
Then the point is, the sobbat DRIVE reaches almost 0.
Since I bought an ENGL amp, from now on I think I'll change to use it as booster for the "lead mode".

●Q202. Is there something you always do before a live?
In my case I definitely need a hand massage, how about you?
A. Nothing in particular (laugh) Maybe I need to stretch my Achilles tendon~(>_<)

●Q203. Like always Reminiscence completely opens TERU-san's world to me, that's a good feeling (*^^*) It's fun♪
As I love your songs, will you compose another instrumental song like Reminiscence in the future?
A. In instrumental tracks there are some stocks…So as Versailles it's difficult to do that. But have great expactions for the future☆

●Q204. To go to university, until my graduation I want to invest unexperienced time in my guitar!!!
But.. it's hard for me to push down the strings… My heard seems to brake (┬┬_┬┬)
I just have an acoustic guitar←
I think it might be good to buy an e-guitar? Anyway, I do not know what I should buy. (>_<)
A.Whether to buy an e-guitar, depends on whether you want to play music in the future. I think, if you passionately want to play rock in a ban it's neccessary(>_<)
By the way, the first guitar I bought was an electric acoustic guitar and after one year I bought an electric guitar.
Since I was used to hard strings, I was really happy, when I changed to an electric guitar.

●Q205.TERU-san your legs/feet are very beautiful, do you do any kind of toning exercises?
A. I don't do anything (laugh) Probably this is because of the gene (゜∀゜)

●Q206.TERU-san, you have a grat style. Is there anything I get do to get a styling as good as yours?
A. I'm doing nothing special, so it's difficult to give an advice~
But since it's my job to stand in front of in front of other people, so I pull myself together! To have a "high" aim every day might just change the feeling (>_<)

●Q207. I'm a 6th grade emelenary school boy from Toyama Prefecture!
I often heard "Dyeing your hair hurts*". TERU-kun, are you ok?
A.Of course it hurts (laugh) But it's aesthetic when just endure it with a cool mien (laugh) [*I think in that case the meaning is more like "it damages you hair"]

●Q208. For the next Q&A☆The fans at the live in Barzil were very noisy wheren't they? (laugh)
At that live I've been first row right in front of you. I really enjoyed it. Thank you.
TERU-sama, what's your impression of Brazil? Sorry, my Japanese is still bad (laugh) I do my best☆
A. The fans in Brazil were very good at remembering the lyrics, that was awesome☆ Do your best☆

●Q209. Will you have a Valentine's Day event?
I wish you'd have it... please♪
A. Please have a look at the fanclub page!!

●Q210.TERU-san, I'll looking forward to hear your guitar-play. You are not planning to come to Sapporo this year, do you? That's really regretable. Can you answer this for me?
A. 2011 has just started, so I can't say for sure... Please wait for us!

●Q211. Maybe this was asked before, will there be a DVD release of "Onegai kanaete Versailles"? I couln't watch it, because I live in Hokkaiou.(tears)
A. It will be release on April 27. Make sure to get it!☆

●Q212.TERU-san please tell me who's your favorit painter or painting, if it's ok.  
Also, looking at a paintings, songs, what inspires you?
A. This question is difficult to answer, because there are too much [I like] ~(´∀`;)
I like all artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Raphael, Michelangelo who represent the Renaissance.
I also said that before, but I have art books of Giger and Norman Rockwell.
I'm also hooked on the trompe l'oeil of Esher.
I also like art with good quality or humor.
Although the are a lot of thing that inspire me, paintings also can give me a flash of genius. Like when I watch movies without tone, when I walk around, when I innocently play the guitar... the are lots of methods. By the way, the place that inspires me the most is crossing a pedestrian in my neighborhood (laugh)

●Q213.TERU-san, I want to write a fanletter to you!
I also want to give you a present with it, but what will you make happy? Tell me (ToT) please (^人^)!
A. There are a looo~t of things I personally want to have, but I can't request this here because it's something different... When it's filled with love for me then everything would be good!
But if you want me to say something, I like bath salts or objects with roses... (゜∀゜)

●Q214. I have a question about the ASCENDEAD MASTER short movie. In the story you are a painter. Did you really draw all the pictures which can bee seen in the scene? Moreover, where they prepared before?
A. For convenience I got those prepared previously. But in the scene I added some lines with charcoal during the shoot (laugh)

●Q215.TERU-san, please tell me the type and gauge of the guitar strings you use. I'm very anxious.
A. It's D'Addario 011~049.

●Q216. There is something I absolutely need to ask about the Aikaryu time, so I'm writing a mail.
I'd be happy if you have the time to answer it!
"hikari to yami no yuusha Kaworu kurae
'vijaa soodo'!"
"subete wo shuugoseshi madoushi TERU iku zoo
"yami ni shinobu hikari no ninja Takamasa
"hikari wo motomeshi DORAGON NAITO daiki
"daichi wo sukuu JIRA kenja ULI
"uwaa~ nakanaka yaru na! kou nattara
yuuki, tsuyosa, yasashisa, inochi
kurae saishuu gattai okugi see no
INDIGO REI KURASSHU!" [I just post the romaji, because it's difficult to translate ^^;]
I don't catch the words of Kaworu-san! Please tell me, what he's saying.
I'm kôhai[junior/younger student] can't sleepe at night, because of this←
I think you you are busy, but thank you.
A. The complete lyrics are documented in the song card of the CD (>_<)
To answer to you, it's "hikari to yami no yuusha Kaworu kurae
'BIRIJIAN SOODO'!!"["hero of light and darkneess - Kaworu eating[?] the Viridian Sword"]. Please get the CD…(;_;)

●Q217. You are working so hard every day. I'll always support Versailles.
About the shampoo you talked about recently, I'm also looking for it, but I can't find it. I'd really like to try it once, but where can I get it?
A. I got a lot of messages that said, it's available in a shop called dears-princess in Shibuya. The result is outstanding

●Q218. I thought about this before, who is playing the bass in the pv of Serenade. Please let me know.
A. Actually at a PV shooting, we don't play live music, so we use the recording like it's on the CD.
At this CD HIZAKI-san took over You-san's wish to play the bass for him. As members we decides to let it become a bassline like "If it were You-san he would play it that way".

●Q219.TERU-san, when you are composing a song, do you use music paper? Or do you use tabs? I'd like to know!
And how do you compose songs?
Do you write it note by note on the music paper? I'd like to know it.
And do you compose all other sample parts as well? Or just the basic melody or just the guitar line?
It's a question from Korea. Please let me know.
A. For composing a song I use Pro Tools (music software). While composing all parts, I use it to complete them.
I also add the most parts of the drum and vocal line and when I finished the proto-type everyone arranges his part according to the data I gave them. Like that everyone can participate actively in the decision how it will be completed.
Since I am a guitarist almost no music score is unfamiliar to me (laugh)

●Q220. Are there shops with privilege (poster etc.) for the release of the single and DVD?
I wonder at which shop I shall order? If the extras will be different, I'll order the first press A・B・C at different shops. Please give me some information!
Since there will beno spring live in Kyuusyuu+school starts at that time, I think I'll go to the CC Lemon Hall live! Therefore I also wish for mor information!
A. As it's the first day of the information, I can't say too early, but the stores will have extra posters!
The information about C.C.Lemon Hall have been announced recently so please check it☆