2012/08/24 There was an announcement in Kamijo's blog that, reposting photos/videos/music uploads/texts (blog/interviews etc)is no longer allowed. I'm still allowed to translated his blog and twitter. Anything else will be removed. Please respect this.

2012/07/19 Versailles have announced they'll stop all their activitiesby the end of this year

2011/11/20 TERU will appear in the next Rock&Read (#39)! read more here

2011/10/20 Dream common appearance: TERU joins the RPG metal project "DRAGON GUARDIAN" with a guitar solo for their new album Seimaken Valkyrias!!(release on Dez.7th 2011)

2011/8/9 Teru wrote a song for Jasmine You called "for you" and uploaded it on youtube to share it with everyone.

2011/7/15 Teru will have a new guitar of ESP he designed by himself. The "TERU custom guitar" will be presented for the first time at time tourfinal on July 17

2011/7/13 Teru does now have an own Twitter account TERUofficial!

2011/3/7 Teru on the Radio

2011/2/25 TERU pick finally on sale now

2011/2/7 TERU in live chat today

2011/2/1 Philia Cover