... when dreams come true.

As you might be able to read everywhere, Chris Impelliteri is Teru's idol. He always wished to meet him and to work together with him. When it comes to Chris Impelliteri, he really becomes a fan... maybe quite like you, when it comes to Teru?

And in July 2009, Teru's dream finally really came true.
Here's the story:

Chris Impelliteri x Teru The Encounter of two great Guitarists@ Shibuya O-EAST
Chris Impellitteri, recorded as the world's fastest guitarist at the Guinness Book of Records, member of the heavy metal band IMPELLITTERI. After 5 years, a fans wish came true after a live of IMPELLITTERI at Tokyo, TERU of the visual kei rockband VERSAILLES, which is active in Japan, could meet Chris. TERU said he started and has been able to come so far in playing guitar thanks to his longing for Chris. Also in his profile he mentioned him at the top of guitarist who influenced him, he really admires him and he has a god-like presence! So, thanks to Victor Entertainment, his biggest dream of meeting him came true!

After the gig, not tired at all, Chris appeared with a smile. As he found TERU with an extremely nervous expression, he offered a close handshake followed by a hug and a storm of great service. Seeing this, a great happiness reached even us!

TERU Nice to meet you! I'm TERU of VERSAILLES. I feel honored to see you tonight. I'm really excited! When I was a young boy, I was listening to your guitar playing and you initiated to start and continue playing guitar until now. That I can be here today is thanks to playing guitar!
Chris Thank you very much!
TERU I ・・・I・・・I LOVE YOU!(laugh)
Chris hahaha・・・(laugh)
TERU These are presents for you. My band's CD and DVD ・・・・
Chris COOL!
TERU This is [made by] me.
Chris That's a great art work~ I love it. I really think that's cool. TERU, are you using pyro (gunpowder, used during a performance) at your lives?
TERU Yes. We use it.
Chris In my friends band KISS, ah by the way do you know KISS?
TERU of course.
Chris KISS is often using pryo. MOTLEY CRUE also uses a lot of pyro during a festival calledCRUE FES. It's cool, isn't it?
(TERU continued attacking him with presents like a band original wineglas, a t-shirt designed by TERU and so on...)
Chris Wow! It suddenly seems like it's already Christmas! Oh my...! Thank you! That is so much!
TERU There is one more. It's a DriveBreaker distortion type effector from a brand called Sobbat(*). You can use it as distortion or as booster. I customized the electric circuit of the body, so you can use it. I prepared it for you. It's a AC booster!
Chris Eh~! Really! I'll use it! Thank you, thank you!
TERU I am happy when you are happy. The live tonight was also amazing.
Chris Thank you! We also enjoyed it! And everyone was so hot.
Romihî At the stage there was a deformation white guitar which you used. What was it...?
Chris It was a model called NEW SPLIT TAIL from DEAN. A Chris Impelliteri model is in production now. TERU, what guitar are you playing?

TERU The guitar I use is a guitar called RAINDEER from ESP(*2) (showing the guitar he brought with him to Chris...)
Chris Wow COOL! It has a nice shape. Is it a Duncan 59?(*3)
TERU It's a Duncan Custom.
TERU Why did you play "Crazy Train" by Ozzy Osbourne at the encore?
Chris Hahaha... We were able to play one more song, so I was thinking about which song would be good. It was often played at the radio, so I thought about playing a song everyone knows. I can and play immediately without a proper rehearsal. I think we'll play it in Osaka too. Anyway, Ozzy is my friend.
Romihî Chris-san, you are moving your fingers on the guitar neck like you are playing piano.
Chris Ear~ Thanks! Surely it looks like playing piano.
Romihî TERU-san should like that. I think he wants to become as good as Chris-san, so what advice do you want to give him as guitarist for the future?
Chris Well, practice! Above all it's practice. 10 hours a day. Like that you will get very well one day, won't you? I'm practicing every day anyway.
Romihî Thank you very much. What are you planning as IMPELLITTERI in the future?
Chris I'll go back to L.A., then to Europe, again to L.A., but then I want to gcome to Japan again.
Romihî How about you, TERU-san?
Chris TERU, have you been to America or Europa before?
TERU We played in America last year.
Chris Did you enjoy it?
TERU Yes! Very much!
Chris And if you are in America again,whenever you come to L.A. give me a call to come to see me!
TERU Yeah! Really!? I'm so happy.
Chris If you come to visit Chris Impellitert at Beverly Hills, it's easy to find out where my house is (laugh)
TERU Ok! I'll come for sure. Thank you very much for today. Please come back to Japan, soon.I really hope you will come! Thank you very much! Good luck in Japan! Let us play together someday!
(received a comment from TERU-san next day)

※*1 The music shop kinkomusic in Kyoto was the one who cooperated with the effector.
※*2 This production model is quite rare.
※*3 Duncan is a pickup brand called SeymourDuncan

As it seemed to be a very moving day in TERU's live, here's a little bit more about it:

Teru wrote about that day in his blog, too:

■I met Impelliteri-san!!

This time I write about a very happy thing...

On 23th at Shibuya O-EAST,
I finally met the guitar-god Impelliteri-san!
Although being tired I was really impressed by talking so much to him, the handshake and that he played on my guitar!
I was shocked but so happy about his jokes like "I'm Impelliteru."!

That I was able to see him live, the moment he appeared on stage, I cried tears overflowed with emotions.
The live performance was great, too! The speed guitar play was a masterpiece!
I already liked the choking and vibrato nuances before. It just reaffirmed how great it is.
The strong high tone singing of Rob Rock-san was amazing as well. But as expected it matches the best with Impelliteri-san's guitar!
From the beginning until the end this live was very exciting!

Impelliteri/san is the lead-guitarist of the metal band "IMPELLITERI" and he is said to be the worlds fastest guitarist which is certified at the Guinness Book of Records.
When I was a highschool student I was quite shocked when I was confronted with his guitar play, and suddenly I was fascinated by guitar and metal. That I played guitar until now what thanks to his great presence and I'm very thankful that I came that far.
I'm really glad, I was able to express my gratitude to him in person.
In some way I'm still quite unskilled, but I'll get better to become as good as he is!!

This time, my biggest dream came true.
"If you work hard, your dreams will come true!"
But I'd rather like to say:
"Don't do anything else than working hard toward your dream. When you work hard, you will get close to your dream!" It's an even more improtant thing, even if your dream does not completely come true, the experiences you make during the process will enrich your life.