Blessing of the Future:

Classical Element:
forever with you


The Revenant Choir:
The Revenant Choir (by all members of Versailles)

Lyrical Sympathy:
The Red Carpet Day

Second Fear -Another Descendant-
To The Chaos Inside

Catharsis (with HIZAKI)

DESTINY -The Lovers-:

Holy Grail:

"I wrote it because I wanted to write a song that would reflect my own image of "ultimate" Versailles. When I heared this band name, I had this image of a cartoon called "The Roses of Versailles" and its theme song. It has a line singing "The rose falls down gracefully." I wanted to write a song with that image for some years. Basically Versailles expresses a sad and dart world of vampires but at the same time, I always thought something graceful and romantic... could be a theme song for a romantic cartoon... would also work for the band. After the album was out, some fans said th me, that it reminded them of Takarazuka Revue. Yes. I had the image, too.[laugh]
before a meeting th discuss the concept for the album with HIZAKI and KAMIJO, I remembered KAMIJO saying, "I'd like a metal masquerade for the new album." In fact, I didn't get what he said at first but this is my answer to his idea of "metal masquerade." This is how I digested his idea in a sense.
I thought about KAMIJO's voice when writing the chorus part. It's a Kayokyoku (Japanese pop song) oriented melody. Catchy and easy to sing along for Japanese listeners. I had a image of flowers and gorgeousness for the titel, did a little research and found the perfect word... Flowery!
Probably my guitar sound in the intro reminds some people of Yngwie Malmsteen. I intentionally tried to put some of my influences directly. I also adoped some neo classical phrasing in my guitar solos. One of my roles is to pass on good stuff in the past to the next generations and I also wanted to show my respect to my guitar heros and the classical music." [This is taken from offcial Holy Grail tour pamphlet 2011 European version]
"I actually wrote a song which is much faster, darker and heavier than "DRY ICE SCREAM" but it didn't make it onto the album. Instead, we decided to make an SE based on a part of that song, which eventually bacme "Threshold." I found it very interesting because we hadn't done anything like this SE in which the guitar is featured in the orchestra sound. On this album, that particular song on mine appears in the SE but I'd love to play the whole song I made for the album with Versailles in the near future because it's 200bpm, the fastest Versailles song ever [laugh].
I put many meanings to the song title "Threshold." At first, the sond of the word is cool. Then, it has meanings such as "entrance" or "doorsill" which I thought would be as "entrance to the darkness." The word also means "Watershed in stimulation to have a reaction." That is also good for the other image of the SE. "fear for not knowing what's going on happen next." At shows, I want to raise my fist to whip the excitement with the audience. It's got such excitement that I want to develop it with out fans at shows. "[This is taken from offcial Holy Grail tour pamphlet 2011 European version]

Song for Jasmine Yous 2nd anniversary:
TERU /「for you」