Stagename: Teru
Nickname: Terukichi
Designername: wait A minutes
Birthday: April 10 (Day of life-and-death struggle)
Birthplace: Kyoto
Family: 2 older brothers, 1 younger brother
Sex: iron man
Bloodtype: Z [actually 0]
Profession: guitarist
Bands: 藍華柳(Aikaryu) -> Hizaki Grace Project -> Versailles
Height: 170 cm
Weight: 48 kg

Cigarettes: Marlboro MEDIUM
Favorite manga: Ichigo 100% (strawberry 100%), Jojo no Kimyō na Bōken („JoJo's Bizarre Adventure“), BASTARD!!, Akira
Favorite movies:„Jurassic Park“, „Nightmare before Christmas“, “My Neighbor Totoro”, “Heat”, “Taxidriver”, “Awakenings“ (Anything with Robert De Niro)
Hobby: Guitar practice☆ home recording☆
Favourite words: Whatever there may be, metal continues! (by DIMEBAG DARREL)
Favourite food: Boiled Unagi (eel) on rice, Eggplant, Pilaf
Disliked food: Onion (the food texture, the taste, and the smell, everything about it)
Favourite drink: Koiwai milk coffee, DekavitaC
Disliked drink: alcohol

Taken from his ameba profile
Favorite Bands: IMPELLITTERI、 PANTERA、ARCH ENEMY、CRADLE OF FILTH、DIMMU BORGIR、NAPALM DEATH、DARK TRANQUILLITY、SOILWORK、IN FLAMES、Rhapsody Of Fire、Luca Turilli、DAMAGEPLAN、METALLICA、Megadeth、Uli Jon Roth、ALEX MASI、Evanescence、WITHIN TEMPTATION、DARK MOOR、VADER、SKY FIRE、HELLOWEEN、Korpiklaani、TURISAS、ANGRA、Kamelot、NAGLFAR、CARCASS、 Emperor、AT THE GATE、THE HAUNTED、The Agonist、KillswitchEngage、CANNIBAL CORPSE、Celesty、CRYPTOPSY、Children Of Bodom、EXODUS、MANOWAR、Heavenly、Tool、Black Dahlia Murder、Brujeria、Bullet For My Valentine、Dream Theater、DEICIDE、Dissection、DOMINION、Dokken、Deep Purple、Ritchie Blackmore's Rainbow、Blackmore's Night、LED ZEPPELIN、Eric Clapton、Jimi Hendrix、Yngwie J. Malmsteen、Steve Vai、Slayer、Stratovarius、Symphony X、Skinless、SlipKnoT、ORIGIN、DISARMONIA MUNDI、Mors Principium Est、HATEBREED、Korn、Limp Bizkit、Linkin Park、Meshuggah.、BEHEMOTH、All That Remains、Nirvana、Nile、my bloody valentine、CONCERTO MOON、SERPENT、CHTHONIC、Hans Zimmer、Johann Sebastian Bach、Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart、Niccolo Paganini、Antonio Vivald
Japanese: B'z, Ozaki Yutaka, Ozawa Kenji, THE BLUE HEARTS

■ creative activities
Strong point
■ can sleep anywhere
Weak point
■hard to wake me up
Can be a little bit proud on
■I'm not bitten by mosquito
Recently interested i?
■ Detective drama 「Aibou」
First thing you do, when you go home?
The average hours of sleep?
■Sleep until my body is strong
Your favorite phrase is?
■"Chotto mattekudasai yoo~" ["please wait a minute"], "Yareyare daze" ["give me a break" or something similar]
What fetish?

Your motto is?
■Your inferiority complex is you strength of tomorrow
What do you collect?
■Recently, silver accessory
S or M?
I'm the ... type.
■Hard worker type
What is your favorite food?
■ Fried rice.
Disliked food?
■Onion, custard, sour things
What is your favorite sport?
■playing Versailles' guitar is verysimilar to sports (laugh)
What is your favorite manga?
What is your favorite magazine?
■ Young Guitar
Favorite TV show?
I loved "Tokumei Research 200X"
What is your favorite game?
■First Mario series,、Panel de Pon
What is your favorite brand?
What is your favorite animal?
■ Siberian Husky
What is your favorite way to spend the holiday?
■sleeping twice
What's your favorite color?
■color of metal
one wish you want to come true?
■I want to meet DIMEBAG DARRELL
When are you happy?
■doing something creative
Where do you want to go for a date?
People you admire?
What do you think you've been in your previous life?
■iron ore
If you were an animal?
■Sibirian Husky
What do you wanted to become when you were a child?

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