Teru Birthday Project 2013

Though Versailles aren't active anymore, I would like to organize another birthday project for TERU this year.
Most people suggested to have a CD or DVD this year so we can enclude not only photos, art and letters, but also video and voice messages this year!
You will have about 1 1/2 month to send me all your messages for him.

Deadline will be 17.03.2013 (Sun) (23:59 Japanese time)

Here are the rules:

  • What you can send:
Your own artwork, photos of you or a message, a letter (though I won't have time to translate letters), a video or voice message (you can talk, sing, play an instrument... anything is okay as long as it would fit for his birthday and you own the copyrights)

ATTENTION: Any contribution that is against the copyright will NOT be included! So please don't use any photo of him/his artwork or songs etc if you don't have the copyright! (click here for details)
  • Could I submit more than one work?
Yes, that's okay! I would say you can send up to 3 art works + 3 photos+1 letter+1 video or voice message per person. (just ask if you still have a question)

  • How long should the video-/ voice message be?
Try to keep your messages short. We don't want to bore him. Please try to keep them shorter than 1 minute. If you do something else than just talking (like playing/singing a song and then you want to say something, I think it's okay when the clip will be a bit longer)
  • Until when?
As said above, Deadline will be 17.03.2013 (Sun) (Japanese time)

  • Where to send it? 

  • Any further questions?
Write a mail to TERUtranslation@googlemail.com
or tweet @TERUtranslation 

There'll also be a second present for him. This year it will be a custon design guitar strap
The total price for it was 74$

Thank you for all the people who already donated some money for this project! It's still time, if you was to make a donation. All supports' names will be put on an extra birthday card!
Maybe paypal would be the easiest way, if you want to support that. 
My paypal is Kami.Ukyo@gmx.de

Here is what the final results looked like: